Diana Arno Show, 7/10/2013

Continuing the emerging trend of designers choosing increasingly unusual fashion-show venues, Diana Arno launched her autumn / winter collection on a new Estonian train.

There was a speculative murmur over whether the show would actually take place on board, or on disembarking (as happened in the ERKI fashion show in the spring).  In fact, everything could be viewed from the comfort of our seats. The dresses, coats and trouser-suits on show were, in many cases, very wearable, although aimed at the luxury end of the market. Diana usually designs clothing that it is possible to envisage someone buying and wearing for a party, although there was a hint of high-fashion in the long mesh skirts some of the models wore.

It is possible to say that the collection might have looked even cooler in a conventional venue (one or two of the models struggled to balance as the train hit bumpy stretches of track), and there were many distractions such as competitions and live music, but the evening was tremendous fun for me. The hiring of the train showed off Estonian transport's new machinery, in a show that was all about elegance. Grace and power in one event. 

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