Although the shows were as much fun, and as interesting, as ever, Tallinn Fashion Week is as much about the smart, original thinkers and snappy dressers who attend. And no, I'm not talking about me.

Estonian designer Vera Lustina

Estonian fashion designer Vera Lustina always has a distinctive personal style. She went for a humorous take on the "monochrome look", with a cat's ears hat that raised a smile. 

Eleriin Sild

Photographer, stylist and model Eleriin Sild was looking colourful, and I thought she did well to find a pair of cool shoes that matched the blue and neon yellow of her blouse and brooch.

These girls were in the "milling area" next to the bar, chatting between shows. If you do that for too long, someone will take your photo. In fact, while I was arranging them together, a crowd of photographers from magazines and newspapers started snapping them! 

Fantastic fashionistas

Pille Laiakask

Here's Pille, channelling '80s electro style. She organised a lot of the events surrounding TFW, including the Saturday-night afterparty.

Marin and Piret

The MASAH designer and photographer Marin Sild was back at Fashion Week on Saturday night. Here she is with Piret Saar, a photographer friend of mine.

A group from Saturday night

 "Excuse me, would you mind taking our photo with these cameras?"

"Of course not, but you have to let me take you with mine too!"

Olga Kalashnikova and her friend

Jewellery designer Olga Kalashnikova looked positive and sophisticated in her gold pencil dress, and her friend also brought a sense of classical glamour to proceedings.  

I found this TEDxTallinn talk from 2009 (subtitles available if, like me, you need them)  by blogger and so-many-other-things Helene Vetik, and it demonstrates what I find so cool about her. Here she is with her sister Anne, and their friend.