Maarja Nuut: Live, Exclusive and At Home

Maarja Nuut is an exciting young violinist and singer who currently lives in Viljandi. I first heard her perform at Tallinn Music Week earlier in 2013, where I was captivated by her exuberant performances of a combination of traditional folk reels, Estonian regilaul, and lovingly-crafted digital loops which can pull the most hardy of listeners into a trance.

We met briefly when I visited Viljandi in April, and we agreed to record a live session when schedules could match. With the Estonian summer continuing, Maarja very kindly invited me to Karepa, the tiny fishing village on the north coast of Estonia where she grew up. 

For her it was a happy return, but for me it was a pleasant discovery - a place where it really is possible to set aside metropolitan worries and observe nature. Maarja agreed to do an interview with me in the form of a cloudcast, which you can hear on this player (photo taken by me outside Toolse Castle): 

Charm Offensive Interview with Maarja Nuut - 11 August 2013 by Stuartgarlick on Mixcloud

Here is a track from Maarja's 2013 album 'Soolo', a song called 'Ööbik':

External link to Mixcloud here

And here is a video performance, on the beach, of her song 'Polka': 


The view from the boathouse at Karepa