Stuart Garlick

Catching up with POCA

Stuart Garlick

One of the events we sadly missed the chance to report at the start of December was the long-awaited release of the debut EP by POCA, the band fronted by London-based Estonian vocalist and songwriter Liis Hirvoja. She's got talent to spare, and an interest in the cosmos and mythology that makes for a great lyrical puzzle, and tunes that simultaneously hark back to the likes of Steely Dan, and call out to the future.

The new "We Are" EP is available to buy using the following link, on Bandcamp for the unprohibitive price of £3 or as much more as you feel it merits, and is recommended, if you're in need of a cleansing new sound.

POCA's Soundcloud page

Stuart's interview with Liis on the Estonian World site