At Teater No.99 on Wednesday last week, Helen Adamson began a promotional tour for her new self-titled album. A track-by-track will follow shortly, but as mentioned before, this is a really positive step for Helen, who came to the attention of many Estonians for her song "Kas Tead", a sweet rewrite of a popular Italian song.

Helen stayed active in the music business, writing and recording songs, including the Estonian hit "Sinuga Koos", but then in 2013 she began work on her first full-length album. It's all in English, and has been co-written and produced by the American Robert Stanley Montes. It's a good introduction for most of the world to Helen; although the production on most of the tracks is considerably poppier than in her earlier ballads for which she became famous, it's an album that sits well with current musical trends.

With a nod to her earlier career, a lot of the tracks are smoky, jazzy songs, played on the night by an excellent band including, to my delight, Wilhelm guitarist Paul Neitsov. There are also inspiring, midtempo tracks like "Sing It", a song that wouldn't sound out of place on Demi Lovato's last album, and which is the centrepiece to Helen's new anti-school-bullying campaign.

The album deserves to be a success, and is available through all the usual outlets now.

If you want to read an interview I did recently with Helen, and see a very special photoshoot, check out YU Magazine.