I was prepared to write a post about the rise of expensive fast food in Tallinn, when something far more immediate and important hit Facebook. Ewert and the Two Dragons, Estonia's biggest breakout pop success, has another single coming out, "Pictures". It's another step forward for the Estonian quartet (yes, quartet - like Ben Folds Five, they don't claim to be statisticians), and whets the appetite for their next album, which will hit literal and metaphorical shelves at the beginning of 2015.

"Pictures" is a bit of an understated masterpiece - chugging along like some of Jeff Lynne's best productions, as with the Traveling Wilburys. The lyrics are endearingly naive, the guitars are soft like sorbet, the trebly piano comes in at just the right time to induce a sigh, and then we get to a middle-eight and a choirboy's falsetto. If that makes it sound overproduced, it's not - everything, like the baby bear's porridge in Little Red Riding Hood, another innocent tale, is just right.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.