Ingrid Lukas, who I spoke to for Charm Offensive and Estonian World last year, may have been relatively quiet recently, but the singer-songwriter, who lives in Zürich, Switzerland, has been hard at work. She has released two solo albums of pure genius, 2009's "We Need To Repeat" and the 2011 follow-up "Silver Secrets". This spring, she has performed in a number of concerts in Switzerland, one of which was with Maarja Nuut, one of the stars of Tallinn Music Week. Before that, though, she collaborated with the Zürich Chamber Orchestra (ZKO). Ingrid's music, performed in both Estonian and English, has always had an otherworldliness to it - I still remember listening to her albums for the first time, late at night with the lights off, and being moved to tears. The ZKO bring out a new dimension in her sweeping, atmospheric sound.

Thanks to a film crew being present for the ZKO concert, we have the chance to watch 17 minutes of pure class. Let us know what you think below.