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This is a selection of interviews and writing by Stuart Garlick. These were all published in either the current version of Charm Offensive, on the old site (, on ERR News, the English website of Estonian Public Broadcasting, in YU Magazine, on a website served by Agence France Presse, on The Baltic Times, or on Estonian World.

There were many more of these interviews, but owing to the taking-down of in November 2014 (we were promised until the end of the month to recover data, but the files would not download), I have lost a large number of the stories written at that time. If anyone has cached copies of these stories, I would be grateful if you could get in touch with me using the contact form.


Liisi Koikson - December 2012

Ingrid Lukas - May 2013

Hedvig Hanson - June 2013

Odd Hugo - June 2013

Iiris - August 2013

Maarja Nuut - August 2013

Liis Hirvoja from POCA - September 2013 (Estonian World)

Frankie Animal - September 2013 (Estonian World) 

Reet Lantson - December 2013

Warren Cummings Smith - January 2014

Bitcoin trading, part one - February 2014

Tanja - April 2014

Bitcoin trading, part two - April 2014

Lessons from Eurovision for Estonia - May 2014

Gallery: ERKI Fashion Show - May 2014

Vladislav Djatsuk, Head Chef at Tchaikovsky Restaurant - June 2014

The World Cup Gives Us a Distraction from Our Troubled Times - June 2014

Tallinn: A Livable City? - August 2014

Obama in Estonia: Live Blog for ERR News - September 2014

Helen Adamson - September 2014

Grete Paia - October 2014

Five Things Every England Fan Should do in Estonia When Coming to Watch Football - October 2014

Estonia vs. England: Football Live Blog for ERR News - October 2014

Tallinn Fashion Week: Preview - October 2014

Tallinn Fashion Week Gallery for ERR News - October 2014

Liis Lemsalu - November 2014

Russian-Language Television and Soft Power for ERR News - December 2014

Film Review of "Nullpunkt" for ERR News - December 2014

Ukrainian-Estonians Forging International Ties for ERR News - December 2014

Estonian Music Awards Review for ERR News - January 2015

Epp Kõiv - January 2015

Kerli Kõiv (Kerli) - January 2015

Eesti Laul Review - February 2015

Flank - April 2015

Lennart Meri Conference for The Baltic Times - May 2015

Daniel Levi - May 2015

Kalamaja for The Baltic Times - June 2015