Tiina Talumees - November Show

Though I would have liked to get this online earlier, unfortunately other, essential, things took over. However, I thought you would still like to see Tiina Talumees' new collection from earlier in November, which I was very happy to see on show, at Tallinn's Kultuurikatel. It was great to see a luxurious collection that aimed to be comfortable, elegant and restrained, instead of just sexy and showy.

The hemlines were long or mid-length, the gowns were meant for a ball, prom or fancy reception, and there was a prolific use of mesh, as well as some very elaborate lace and embroidery detail around the neck and chest. Traditional Estonian woven wool, as with the other iconic Estonian designer Kristina Viirpalu, is a major feature in the new collection.

For more description of the dresses, from a very good blogger, take a look at this post from my friend Madli Tarjus, who was also at the show. 

Below is a gallery of some of the best of the new dresses, including some cool pink print numbers, and a white dress that looked ideal for a wedding.
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