Interview: Vaults

Vaults are a new electronic band from the UK that met at university in London, and play emotive, widescreen music that will resonate with anyone who ever had a broken heart or some kind of uncertainty in life. 

Though they say in the interview we did that they "don't want to be known as the Fifty Shades of Grey band," they did indeed appear on the soundtrack, and for SEO reasons I have to mention the film - I hope they'll understand! We also discuss the group's strenuous quality control that means there are many songs on the cutting-room floor, and their hopes for their forthcoming album. As with the East India Youth interview, this is posted in raw form, to get it up there online, though I will edit it in due course. Look out too for an interview I did with dance act Manoid - it's a print interview, but his thoughts are well worth reading.

We met after their concert at Soundrive 2015, on a wet and windy night in Gdansk, as part of a new-band showcase that brought together emerging names with unknown or unsigned talents who deserved a chance to be heard. I want to take this opportunity to give a big "thank you" to everyone involved with organising the festival, including Paulina, who invited me and asked me to speak on the first conference panel, on the topic of how to promote Estonian music internationally.